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Cisco SD-Access solution in VDI environment


Hi everyone

We,re going to implement Cisco SD-Access solution in our LAN block. But the problem is all clients in the LAN has thin clients and Use VDI for access to their Desktops. how we can encapsulate their data plane frame into VXLAN to support SGT & VNI?


Some documents indicates to VMware NSX (for VXLAN support) & Nesxus 1000V but unfortunately VMware is announcing the End of Availability (EOA) for the Cisco Nexus 1000V SKU and its associated support SKUs from VMware effective February 2, 2015.


any help will be greatly appreciated


tnx in advance

best regards


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I am assuming that you do not have ACI in your data center based on your concern. Your VDI solution sits outside of the fabric correct? If so, have you considered utilizing an SXP connection to your NAD/s that terminate your L3 SVIs for the VDI solution to essentially push static IP-to-SGT mappings from ISE? Note that this would require you to enable CTS on the legacy gear. IMO this could allow you to rely on some sort of CTS related policy access via SGTs between the VDI desktops and SDA-based thin clients. However, I may be missing information. This is a rather interesting question so I am curious to see what others think/share as well. Anyways, HTH!

Tnx for your reply, BTW, We didn't have implement ACI yet, but we want use ACI fabric for our datacenter in parallel to SD-Access fabric in our LAN block. I,m wondering that our vdi solution can be inside the fabric with nsx or anything, or we must just use our thin clients inside the fabric instead of VDI solution.

If we just use thin clients inside the fabric for connecting to VDI, what features of SD-Access solution we will miss?

What happens to SGT tags in VMware environment?



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