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Saving $$ by going green

As a company that's grown up around the web we want to "go green" by limiting the amount of paper used for Cisco purposes both internally and by our customers.

Do you regularly print material from the Cisco web site? If you do, what changes can we make (page size, document composition, layout, etc.) to minimize your need to print? If you don't do a lot of printing from the web, what do you do that minimizes the need?

Would you be interested in seeing Cisco docs on an e-book device such as a Kindle?

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Leo Laohoo
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Hi Linda,

There is no harm in going "green".

In my opinion, whenever I un-pack Cisco kits, I immediately throw alot of useless parts away. They are: documentation CDs and excess screws.

When we order kits from Cisco, through authorized Cisco dealer, we have an option to tick what complimentary accessories we want, such as power cables.

How about making this options available to the excessive parts that I have always thrown away. Do you want documentations and CD? Tick if yes, leave blank if no. Do you want the mounting brackets? Tick if you do and leave blank if you don't.

Hope this helps.

Thanks very much for your suggestions. Production people who are working on reducing the clutter in kits thought that allowing each component to be individually selected might not be the simplest approach. And some of the docs, like an RCSI doc or a CD, contain compliance and legal stuff we are required to ship with the product, even if it gets tossed.

We are looking at multipacks where we ship a single set of compliance/documentation materials with multiple products. Cisco is actively reviewing accessory kits - removing unnecessary components and offering various kit options. There is a pilot program that allows customers to order a Green accessory kit or no accessory kit.

Can I ask why you toss the doc CD? Is it because you already have several, use the docs online, don't use the docs, or … ?



Any update on Cisco's direction re. documentation?

I would love to be able to get it on an ebook reader but guess Cisco would probably use an open standard such as ePub rather than Kindle?

I guess the easy answer would be an iPad but I would prefer an EInk display.

Hi James,

Thanks for your post regarding an ebook reader! It's a very popular topic lately and we realize how valuable it is to have portable documentation in an ebook reader. We are in contact with the supporting team and are working to obtain more up-to-date specifics on direction that we can provide.

Your insight and recommendation is helpful and we'll be sure that your suggestion and preference is brought to the team that is looking into this type of document delivery.

Thanks again!

Janel Kratky

Today I have used the first e-book from Cisco on my Kindle DX, and it looks ok.

Format provided is epub but conversion to mobi is not a problem, done online. It was a Nexus book.

Still waiting for my favorites, Design Guides.