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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Vbrick-Logo-RGB-300dpi-Color-uai-516x171.pngUse Case Description/Overview
Vbrick is an Enterprise Video solutions and management provider.  VBrick Rev allows you to record, manage, and stream Webex Meetings to large audiences.  The use of video in business is growing rapidly and Vbrick is the one solution for all video streaming.  Vbrick Rev uses Cisco TelePresence end points as live streaming and recording sources. Users can use familiar desktop or conference room devices to create live streaming webinars to internal and external users.

The Vbrick Rev enterprise video platform seamlessly complements Webex Meetings:

Live streaming - Stream Webex meetings to thousands of simultaneous participants. You can host broadcasts from any Cisco TelePresence system and have multiple presenters and locations.  Rev can convert a SIP-enabled Webex Meetings session into a one-way live stream available to global audiences making it easy for users to get started with live video.

Video content management - Vbrick Rev users can directly import Webex Meetings recordings from within Rev to add content management features to Webex Meetings recordings.  Easily manage video for Webex meeting recordings, including tools for metadata and speech search, access control, content expiration, efficient video playback and caching, speech to text, online video editing, and ever-expanding capabilities incorporating AI and analytics.

Fully-hosted cloud solution - Allow people within your distributed workforce to access, edit, and view video in Webex meeting recordings easily and securely.

Vertical/Industry Alignment 
Govt/Public Sector, Education, Financial, Healthcare/pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Transportation

Webex Environment Alignment
With Vbrick Rev’s integration with Webex Messaging, customers can easily share newly published videos with other Webex Messaging users or subscribe to relevant Rev video categories and receive and share alerts about new Rev videos with Webex Messaging rooms.

With Rev’s Webex Messaging bot, your users can have integrated space meeting recording and Rev video search accessible from Webex Messaging. Instantly share videos directly to Webex Messaging spaces using Rev’s sharing features and subscribe to video updates through notifications delivered to Webex Messaging spaces.

Vbrick Rev’s integration with Webex Meetings is an example of why Vbrick was awarded Cisco’s ISV Collaboration Partner of the Year (2018) and is Cisco’s chosen standard for streaming enterprise video.

How to Purchase 
Vbrick is a Cisco Solutions Plus partner, a designation that adds Vbrick Rev and the Vbrick Distributed Media Engine to the list of products that Cisco and its authorized partners can resell worldwide on the Global Pricing List.


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