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Adopting Webex

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Webex Connect

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Jabber and Webex not receiving calls

So I have a user that all of a sudden stopped receiving calls on their WebEx. I had the user download jabber to use in the meantime while I investigated the issue, but they ran into the same issue.User won't be notified of any call coming in and when...

mra38 by Level 1
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Resolved! Webex 44.7 MacOs No Audio on Studio Display

Dear all,today my Webex client updated to Version 44.7. Now, I can hear the ring tone, but not the audio of the person who called me. Other audio devices work as expected. System: MacMini M2, Sonoma 14.5, Apple StudioDisplay with Firmware 17.0. I tri...

RobAC66 by Level 1
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AI assistant not available

Hello,We have been using AI assistant on webex without any issue, users were delighted with this feature, specially the possibility to summarize chats messages.Some days ago the AI icon disappeared and users are not able any more to use it.... i chec...

Echppiel by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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User availability and status not visible

Has anyone come across this where no user in an org can see anyone else's statusAll users have the "show availability and status" enabled in the settingsI have cleared the Webex cache https://help.webex.com/en-us/article/WBX000023766/How-to-Clear-the...

Your opinion matters!

Hello our developer community members!             As you know we have created a lot of webinars that cover variety of topics related to several products. Here is a link (https://developer.webex.com/webinars) to past webinars' recordings.  Interested...

oelrafei by Cisco Employee
  • 2 replies
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TIL: Node Bot Framework Websockets

If you're like me and have been building bots with Webex node bot framework, you've probably spent a lot of time spinning up ngrok webhook tunnels for development. Did you know that the framework now defaults to websocket mode, requiring no public ad...

Webex XML API support query

Hi team,I have read this XML API Deprecation AnnouncementThe Meetings-related XML APIs will be deprecated and the End-of-Support (EoS) date is planned for the second half of 2023. Cisco will continue to resolve bugs up to this date, but new features ...

Bulk move users from location to location

I have a WebEx tenant in which I am required to move multiple users from one location to another. Is there any way with CSV in Control Hub, the WebEx API, or any other method to move users from one location to another in bulk? 

Phone_Guy by Level 1
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Change Default Webex site URL

Dear Everyone, Would like to ask your expertise on how I can change the Default Webex site URL to another name, because currently it is showing the persons name. So when I schedule a meeting, it has the meeting link which includes the persons name A ...

bbb bbb by Level 1
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