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OSPF LSA type 1 and 2


Hi hope everyone is doing well.

I am having troubles understanding the information provided by the LSA Type 1 and 2. 

In the CCNA 200-301 book it is said that the LSA type 1 is used by to describe the generating router. And the type 2 is used to describe a network with a DR.

In the CCNP ENARSI is it said that the LSA Type 1 is used to advertise the network known by the generating router within the area and the Type 2 is used by the DR to indicate the routers that are connected to the multi-access link.

Can someone please clarify it to me. Thank you

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My Notes as below - different document have different information (better if you looking deep use RFC -


LSA Type 1 – OSPF Router LSA

LSA Type 1 (Router LSA) packets are sent between routers within the same area of origin and do not leave the area. An OSPF router uses LSA Type 1 packets to describe its own interfaces but also carries information about its neighbors to adjacent routers in the same area.

LSA Type 2 – OSPF Network LSA

LSA Type 2 (Network LSA) packets are generated by the Designated Router (DR) to describe all routers connected to its segment directly. LSA Type 2 packets are flooded between neighbors in the same area of origin and remain within that area.



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LSA1 is generate from all router in same broadcast domain , inlcude DR and BDR
LSA2 is generate from only DR 

now what you confuse about ??

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