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ACI Contracts compression

I need to switch on contract compression in operational contracts.

1. Is it disruptive to switch contract compression on in living contracts ?

2. Do I need to erase and deploy the subjects again to have the desired impact of the compression or just turn on ?

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Hi @Ulrich Vierkoetter 

1. Since the contract compression basically means removing the current entries from TCAM and replacing them with a compressed version of them, most likely there will be a small impact. My suggestion is to perform the change in a controlled change window.

2. no need to deploy the subjects again. Enabling the compression is sufficient. You might also want to have a look at the guidelines and limitations related to policy compression:

Edit: regarding to point 2, the real answer is "it depends". Check the link above and you will see some specific scenarios where you will need to reapply/reconfigure the subjects.


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