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ACI drops SAN Node while reboot

Level 1
Level 1

Enabled data plane learning in Cisco ACI for SAN node associated EPG/Bridge domain arp flood enabled . However experiencing drops when the SAN node get  moved to another host ( MAC address with. Change ). We can reach the nodes ip from same subnet but not reachable from outside Network after 25 mins the node came on line . 

Node is not detected as rouge endpoint in ACI .. anyone having this issue 


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There could be a number of things happening here. I assume the SAN node sends some type of GARP or RARP message to update its new location when its moved or some mechanism similar as how a vmotion would work. If it is unreachable from outside the ACI fabric I would check if the borders leads are learning the SAN nodes new MAC address properly and the tunnel learn is pointing to the new location where this was moved. A TAC case might not be a bad idea here if it is hard to track down.

Tried with Cisco tac case , they suggested to add vip ip into  EPG but doesn't help 



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