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Adding a Physical / VM Server to an EPG

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Level 1


I have a EPG Web Configured under the Application Profile Intranet


There are 4 servers (2 Physical and 2 Virtual) already in this EPG


I am adding another server which is a VM and which is a Physical server


ACI 2.2 is my current version of ACI


Could you please help withe stepwise configuration of adding this host into the EPG


Note: The objective is to understand on how ot determine the path of this server connecting to the fabric. (Node ID / FEx ID and /Port Number) as well as the VLAN

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



It depends if your VM is vmm integrated or not. If it is you will need to add the vmm domain to the EPG itself. If you have a dynamic vlan pool attached to the vmm domain the APIC should push the port group as well as a vlan association to vCenter. If not and this is a static binding down to your hypervisor, you will have to statically bind a VLAN like you would for a physical server and make sure you have a physical domain associated. Since it seems like you already have servers configured for that EPG you would just need to configure the access polices for the port going down to your servers, add the new VLAN to the VLAN pool attached to the current domain and create another static binding with the VLAN encap. Let me know how you have your VM integrated with ACI and I will provide you with further steps. 




Michael G.

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