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Ansible Modules for ACI L2OUT configuration




I am using ansible (2.6.17 version) for automation of day to day activities in Cisco ACI. I am not able to see ansible module for configuring L2OUT in cisco ACI


I am currently suing aci_rest module for doing above changes and wanted to find out if there is an ansible module available in latest release that will help us to configure L2OUT.


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Claudia de Luna
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Rising star

Hi @harish.sabale,

Not available in 2.8 and it does not look like its on the roadmap.  Lots of resources currently focused on Multi Site and I don't see a lot of customers use an actual L2Out (External Bridged Network or "l2extOut" right?).  


There are lots of great modules (95 I think with sensible 2.8) but invariably I wind up using the REST module because there is always something I need to do that does not have a module and with the flexibility ACI provides and the different use cases (Like L2Outs) I'm not sure that is ever going to change.  I'm thinking of just using the REST module exclusively (I have a lot of the construct templates already built out) and building out a framework for that or sticking with Python to tell you the truth.  I'm sort of struggling with that right now.

So sticking with the rest module is not a bad way to go.  Odds are you will need it.





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