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Cisco ACI Multi-Site License

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When deploying Cisco ACI, can I first build each site with a DCN Essentials license and later upgrade the Essentials license to Advantage to build Multi-Site?

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Ali Aghababaei
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Level 1

Hi @홍경택 

Yes, you can initially deploy each site with a DCN Essentials license and later upgrade to an Advantage license to support a Multi-Site configuration, even though licensing is not enforced within ACI today.  

Robert Burns
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

@Ali Aghababaei - your response above is outdated/incorrect.  Please validate your answers before posting.  There's no long any "NDO license" called ACI-MSITE-VAPPL=.   You also no longer just deploy NDO - you deploy Nexus Dashboard and enable the Orchestrator service on it.  Your answers are missing these crtical details. As I've noticed from other posts many of your responses are likely AI/Chatbot generated.  While I appreciate you attempting to help others, please don't solely rely on those resources as they are are trained on outdated models. 

To address the question at hand - licensing is not enforced within ACI today.  So you can certainly deploy Multisite with having only purchased essentials licenses on the switches, but as soon as you do it will flag out "out-of-compliance" from a licensing perspective.  While there's no functional impact with this - should you need support and have not yet upgraded the switch licenses to the correct team, you could be denied support.  The best case is to purchase the upgrade license via your Partner/Account team ahead of time before deploying this in a production environment.  Here's the corresponding Nexus Dashboard deployment guide which covers it's deployment in detail.


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