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Hybrid copper/fiber industrial switch recommendations

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Level 1

I am looking for a model number of a hybrid copper/fiber switch that will operate in elevated temperatures. The use is for remote cameras and IP phones over 100 meters away in a manufacturing environment, with no remote IDF room. A Hoffman rack is intended to house the switch.

Is there a product that will work in this situation?

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 You may take a look here. Model Cisco Catalyst® IE3400 for example,  support up to 75 degree celsius 

Leo Laohoo
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Hall of Fame

How much power draw does each camera and IP phone require?


The expected max is 30 watts.


Don't make presumption and get the fact straight.  

Now, how much power draw are the PED pulling?


cameras max 17 watts with IR

IP phone 25 w max or 802.3at by spec, has a light attached

Whao.  That phone is a power hog!

The only thing that I can think of is get a 4-port Cisco Microswitch.  The switch will need to be connected using fibre optic and locally powered up.  

Yes, that phone can be. If local power is available to the phone, there is no need for POE, just data. The phone is a blue light call box. These are out some 500 ft from the data room. I love that switch suggestion. I didn't know it was available, very nice piece! There are ongoing discussions on how to get a network there and distribute it to the few devices needed. It is the perfect story of design by a committee. 

@djb2nd wrote:
It is the perfect story of design by a committee. 


use cisco switch selector and try match match your requirement 


Screenshot (445).png


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