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ACI Contract Filters - Purpose of ARP filter?


Hi community,

When configuring contract subject for PBR, I came across the different EtherTypes supported by a filter:

- IP (I assume both IPv4 and IPv6)?
- IPv4
- IPv6
- TRILL (not used in our DC)
- FCOE (not used in our DC)
- MACSEC (not used in our DC)
- MPLS Unicast (not used in our DC)
- And then there's Unspecified, which I assume it's all of the above (and no other EtherTypes)?

Is there any purpose for an ARP filter for inter-EPG contract, when I am implementing ACI in network-centric deployment where 1 BD = 1 EPG = 1 VLAN (and 1 subnet per BD)?

Assuming our applications only use ICMP, TCP and UDP, would an IP filter suffice for all inter-EPG contract?
Is ARP filter just there for when I want to implement multiple EPGs associated to the same BD (still 1 subnet) and create contracts between them?

Thanks in advance.

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