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ACE - Curious redirection configuration implementation behaviour

Good day,

I was presented with a requirement from a customer as follows:

1. Site published to customer was

2. Actual site is

3. Requirment is for site to be accessed via https

Originally https configuration implemeted with SSL offloading. No problem, all working fine (or so was thought as site was tested) as this was the site with the cert. issued to this and the "mishap" of the in-correct publication of the site was only picked up later.

Now, first requirement is to redirect http to https. Implemted and tested, no worries.

Second, access to presents cert. error.

So, we now are requested to redirect to, then redirect all http to https.

So, off I go and try implement this.

The final config applied is below:

rserver redirect REDIRECT-TO-HTTPS

  webhost-redirection https://%h%p 301


rserver redirect WWW-REDIRECT

  webhost-redirection 301


serverfarm redirect REDIRECT-Serverfarm



serverfarm redirect WWW-REDIRECT-Serverfarm

  rserver WWW-REDIRECT


class-map type http loadbalance match-any ABC-WWW-L7CLASS

  2 match http header Host header-value ""

class-map match-all VIP-PUBLIC

  2 match virtual-address tcp eq https

class-map match-all VIP-PUBLIC-HTTP-REDIRECT

  2 match virtual-address tcp eq www

policy-map type loadbalance first-match REDIRECT-POLICY


    serverfarm WWW-REDIRECT-Serverfarm

  class class-default

    serverfarm REDIRECT-Serverfarm

policy-map type loadbalance first-match WEB_LB

  class class-default

    sticky-serverfarm VIP-COOKIE-STICKY

policy-map multi-match PUBLIC-VIP


    loadbalance vip inservice

    loadbalance policy REDIRECT-POLICY

    loadbalance vip icmp-reply active

    appl-parameter http advanced-options HTTP_PARAM_MAP

  class VIP-PUBLIC

    loadbalance vip inservice

    loadbalance policy WEB_LB

    loadbalance vip icmp-reply active

    loadbalance vip advertise active

    appl-parameter http advanced-options HTTP_PARAM_MAP

    ssl-proxy server

This is working. I just wanted to post this as while appying this, I recieved the following message while applying the second part within the policy map:

" Error: An action already exists. Delete that first.". I then tryied again and it was accepted and it is working.

So I suppose my questions are;

1. Is the message valid?

2. If so, how is this working?

3. Is this an eroneous message?

4. is this a bug, and will it "stop" working? Should I not be too comfortable?

Just wanted to post this and find out if anyone may have had to do something similar,  if it worked for them and if they encountered something similar?

Thanks in advance, as always.


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Cisco Employee

ACE - Curious redirection configuration implementation behaviour

Hi Paul,

I have seen this message but the behavior is inconsistent. This error message would be appropriate if some one configures another configuration/action without removing existing configuration/action. But i have seen this coming even without that and as in your case it worked while trying again.

I searched internally and found that this issue was reported to development but was not reproduced so it was not pursued further.

In my case also things worked fine after the configuration was applied successfully after error message. I would suggest reporting this to TAC in case the issue shows up again or you face any issues with above.



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