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ACE FT configuration

Hi All

I have 2 ace modules in seperate 6500 chassis, one admin context and 2 production contexts, One FT peer configured and 2 FT groups.

All seems to work ok, but we had a power down on one of the 6500 chassies last weekend and after the ace module reloaded we experianced lots of issues with one context. The arp table on the 6500 was showing the ACE Vip pointing to the local ace although the FT show commands showed the ace in the other data centre as active. We had to remove the context on the ace in the end to get things working as we ran out of time. We plan to add the context back in during a change window and test.

I noticed one thing on the FT vlan that sits between the ace modules we also have layer 3 addresses and HSRP running between the 6500 on the FT VLAN, in the guide it mention no HSRP and no other data. ( we dont have any duplicate address issues)

My question although could be unrelated to my issue, is this correct should i remove the layer 3 configuration from the 6500 and just have the vlans configured with layer 3 only on the ACE FT vlan ?

Any help would be great

many thanks

Cisco Employee


Is there a reason why you have IP configured for FT vlan on 6500? If there is no requirement it can be removed.

The ACE would just send the heartbeats to its peer ip over the FT vlan to check the status. You could also consider configuing a query vlan, the purpose of the query vlan command is to have a second check in case the FT vlan fails. If  both ACEs are up and running, but something happens to the FT vlan  (cabling problem for instance) the ACE will ping the IP Address of the  other ACE for the configured interface in the query vlan command.


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