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ACE4710 to replace Local Director416

I have a set of Local Director416 in a failover configuration that are going to be replaced by a set of ACE4170E.
The ACE will be in bridge mode so I can maintain the changes to the environment at a minimum.
One of the issues I am facing is the way the probe works on the ACE.
Our applications to be load balanced are proprietary apps and the single way I can use a probe would be the
TCP probe available in the ACE.
However, when I tested the new ACE4710E I find out the TCP probe generates a lot of "noise" in the application
log showing connects and dicsonnects of the probe.
They way we are use with the Local Director we would not see in the logs any of that and
I am wondering if there is any way to emulate that behaviour into the ACE4710.

If I can not find a way of not logging in the app with the probe , the apps may need to be re-written to allow
us to not log the probe activity. This is would be the last resort and I hope we don't need to go there.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


Surya ARBY

we need to understand how your current probes work

Maybe you should try passive inline probes.

The LD416 works only in bridge mode and it does not have a probe per say. If you have a virtual server and two real servers any incoming connection is being distributed to each of the real servers based on the load balancing algorithm you select.If one real server fails any new connection which could be sent to the failed sever is going to be routed to the other real server. For any subsequent connections the LD tries to send traffic to the failed real server but instead gets forwarded to the the one that works.

You can say the function of the probe is taken by the real traffic going from the virtual server to the real servers.

With the ACE4710 you have to have a probe that checks the application and as I mentioned that probe generates a lot of messages in the application log.

Can you please give more details about the inline passive probe?

Thanks :-)