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ANM and HA


some questions about the ANM and HA.

- We want to install 2 ANM applications in HA, but only 1 server is at our disposal today. Can I install the first ANM as standalone and add the second ANM later, converting to a HA setup?

- If I need to install the first ANM as HA (not standalone), is it required that the second one is already available, or is it no problem to add it afterwards?

- Is it necessary to use IP Addresses in the same subnet, because the initial thought was to put one ANM in our main datacenter and the second one in our backup datacenter (no L2 between them)

- I have a license ANM-SERVER-20-K9. can I install version 2.2 with this license?

- When installing 2.2, is it needed to install first 2.0 and upgrade it, or can I install the 2.2 directly?

Thanks in advance!





Take a look at the following:

The ANM high availability consists of two nodes, which both run the ANM software. Each node must have at least two network interfaces:

•A primary interface, normally used to access the node.

•A heartbeat interface, which is used to provide additional redundancy. The heartbeat interfaces of the two nodes must be connected via a crossover Ethernet connection.

•The two Ethernet interfaces used on one of the hosts should match the two interfaces used on the other host, with regard to the subnets they participate in. For example, if HA Node 1 uses eth0 for the primary interface and eth1 for the heartbeat interface, then HA Node 2 should also use eth0 for the primary interface and eth1 for the heartbeat interface.

Basically L2 connectivity is required for HA to work and you do need to use the same subnet so that the Virtual IP can be set up for the front end access.

There should be no problems in installing 2.2 as your licence files should import fine (we were able to use our 2.0 license files on a 2.1 installation).

The 2.2 is a standalone download. If you were doing an upgrade the process is to backup your config and uninstall the current version before installing the new version so just go ahead with 2.2.

The HA needs to be specified at installation time but the install guide isn't clear if both have to be available. I'd suggest that you build the master node and see if you can then run with just the one node. Worst case is you have install as standalone and then export your devices and reinstall as HA when the second node ias available. Bit of a pain in the neck, but the install is a fairly quick painless affair.



Thanks alot! Will try it and keep you updated about the progress.



    When I install ANM in primary the virtual IP address is getting created with interface. But same it not there in Standby ANM server. Is this an expected behaviour or not ? When i remove the primany link of Primary server the standby is not picking up ? Can any one suggedest what will be the pronblem.