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Central Manager IP Change


reading through the various questions and answers on how to move a CM  - how to change IP, etc..  so far - seems pretty straight forward.

here is the main question:

currently - all 115 of my WAVE574's have this command

central-manager address 10.123.253.XYZ

If I change the IP address of the CM - i have to touch every WAVE574 and change this line - correct?

CM IP address doesnt appear to be a parameter you can set via the CM - (sort of chicken vs. egg dilemma)  cant set the CM IP on a remote WAE, because the CM doenst know about the WAE until it's been this cant be pushed out from a device group.  true?

next question:  to re-register my remotes, I must issue the "deregister force" command first so i can re-register at the new IP.

I am going to lose 12 months of appliacation acceleration data for these devices - yes?

so the only solution is to manually touch every remote site - and change the central-manager address statement to an FQDN - then later when new CM is online at new datacenter - make DNS change...this negates the need for the deregister force process and I save my historical data.

am I missing anything here?


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I just went through the same process. Easiest by far is to hit them once and change the CM IP to a hostname. Then just change the dns later. It worked fine for me, no need to deregister and all historical data remains intact. My only suggestion would be to use a generic hostname or a cname to the real hostname for future changes.

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