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Effective ACE show commands request


Hello All,

I am performing my first ACE deployment in bridged mode by creating rules for adding a new VIP, rservers, serverfarms  for http & https traffic utilizing http to https redirection configuration as well.

Since I am new to ACE deployments, I would like some advice for what would be some effective show commands which can be used to verify that load balancing and redirection is occurring as intended.

Thank you,





You could use

show service-policy class det

- Verify hit count is incremented and there are current connections. Also ensure the vip is inservice, and Serverfarm is up.

show serverfarm det

- Ensure your rservers are operational.

For the redirection, it is better checked outside of the load balancer, launch the page in your browser and see if you are redirected to the right url.

Joel Lamousnery

Cisco TAC

Joel Lamousnery CCIE R&S - 36768 Engineer, Customer Support Technical Services


Hi ,

followin commands are useful

to see the configuration

sh run rserver

sh run probe

sh run serverfarm

sh run stick

sh run class

sh run policy-map (L7)

sh run policy-map class

troubleshooting purpose

sh rserver

sh probe detail ( this will show you if in case any issue with probe and detail keyword will give a better idea how does it failed)

sh serverfarm (hit counts in the serverfarm for inidividual servers , consolidated view) for detail view add detail keyword in the end

sh sticky cookie-insert group ( to verify stickiness if mode is cookie insert)

sh sticky database http-cookie ( if the cookie mode is passive)

sh service-policy summary  ( quick overview on the service policy configured , VLANS , VIPs , current connection )

sh service-policy class detail (detailed view of the policy and classmap associated with it)

sh ft group brief ( to verify the status of HA)

sh ft group detail ( if you find any issue in the status of HA , this command would throw a light on what is actually issue with FT)

sh stat http  ( if you want to verify any errors with HTTP flow , max parselen errors and all will guide you to configure a parametre map to increase the size of headers and so on and so forth. )

sh crypto files  ( shows all the certificate and keys )

show np 1 me-stats "-c  all"   ( this will show detailed view on connections , what ithe MSS value negotiated , i would say more detailed view of tcp connection parametres )

show np 1 me-stats "-scde -v" ( mainly shows if there is errors with the connections , this will help you provide better information to TAC case )



Kanwaljeet Singh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Adil,

You might also like to visit the below link. Please look below the heading "Organzation".



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