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GSS upgrade


I'm working with a client that has 2 GSS 4490's - one acting as primary, the other secondary. They have just purchased a 4491 and it comes with code 1.2(2). The old 4490's have 1.1(1) loaded.

They would like the new 4491 to become a secondary to the primary 4490 running 1.1(1) - however since it's running newer code we get an error: enable gssm-standby x.x.x.x

Generating certificates

ERROR: error unmarshalling return; nested exception is: com.sightpath.merlot.server.TimeoutSocket

Factory; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = -35676211

16001955642, local class serialVersionUID = 5649297226777183831

Registration failed

% Registration failed.

TAC has confirmed this is because the 4491 is running newer code and the databases are different than the 1.1(1) code.

My question to the forum is how would you proceed to upgrade the 4490's? We have come up with this option:

1) Take down the primary 4490 (let the secondary 4490 handle requests) and upgrade it to 1.2(2). Bring it back up and then test joining the new 4491 as a secondary again. If it joins successfully configure the new 4491 in DNS as another authorative NS for the proper subdomains. Then upgrade the current 4490 secondary to 1.2(2). Has anyone done an upgrade like this before? Did they need downtime?

Are there any other recommended ways to handle this upgrade with little or no downtime?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Giles,

Just to clarify on this - we want to replace the current secondary 4490 with a 4491. However the 4491 must run 1.2 code - so to get it to be able to work with the current primary 4490 - we need to upgrage the 4490 to 1.2 code as well.

I've read thru this link on upgrading the GSS's:

I'd like to know if anyone (Giles included) has upgraded a primary GSS and if there was any downtime needed - assuming you had a secondary GSS running and configured as your secondary NS record for the domains hosted by the primary/secondary GSS.

Any help/suggestions/comments will be greatly appreciated.

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