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HSRP support on ACI architecture

Hi,Dear Sir/Madam,

     customer want to implement a new ACI datacenter core layer to replace old catalyst 6509 core, many business running on old core, and it is required to run 7x24 , and migrate is smooth and quiet.

    we think we can connect a temp layer 2 trunk to aci border leaf , and create different tenant for different business,  and direct traffic to appropriate VxLAN.

    on leaf layer of ACI , we create vpc on two leaf 93 switch , and create hsrp group on leaf tenant l3out EPG,  when migrate business from old network , if we want to migrate as smooth as possible ,we want to implement like these steps:

1.we can move standby hsrp address from old network to ACI HSRP, 

2.hsrp active on old network form hsrp relation with hsrp standby on ACI

3.shutdown hsrp active layer3 interface . and hsrp standby interface on ACI become active hsrp, business server traffic‘s L3 gateway switch to ACI.

4、move hsrp active (before shutdown L3 interface on old network active hsrp) address to aci, and form hsrp relation ship 


but I check hsrp on aci document, it doesn't support hsrp for VPC on ACI.

is this possible?

 how can I migrate old business server from old Network to new ACI architecture as smooth as possible?

  thank you!





Cisco APIC supports HSRP version 1 by default. You can configure an interface to use HSRP version 2.

HSRP version 2 has the following enhancements to HSRP version 1:

Expands the group number range. HSRP version 1 supports group numbers from 0 to 255. HSRP version 2 supports group numbers from 0 to 4095.

For IPv4, uses the IPv4 multicast address or the IPv6 multicast address FF02::66 to send hello packets instead of the multicast address of, which is used by HSRP version 1.

Uses the MAC address range from 0000.0C9F.F000 to 0000.0C9F.FFFF for IPv4 and 0005.73A0.0000 through 0005.73A0.0FFF for IPv6 addresses. HSRP version 1 uses the MAC address range 0000.0C07.AC00 to 0000.0C07.ACFF.

Guidelines and Limitations
please refer the below link:-

thank you
we want to migrate an old data center network to new VxLAN network, customer don't permit to interrupt bussiness when migate, we want to use hsrp gateway switch over method to migrate gateway
but customer want to use distrbute gateway , that is difficult to implement distribute gateway and hsrp under same interface vlan
we haven't found a good method to transfer hsrp gateway to new distribute gateway and do not interrrupt bussiness
thank you again