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interface tracking and Host Tracking

Hi ,

We are managing almost 20 ACE in different location in HA mode . Right now the configuration is for redundancy in  ft group and ft track in user context and this redundancy are working well good .  Last week  i tested the track interface and host in the LB to check the redundancy . so I configured interface vlan track for vlan150 in user context and removed the vlan150 in the port channel connected to the ACE , but the vlan is UP ( i thought about it should be down ) .

Then i choosed to go with     ft track host ,we have a default gateway configured on the user context , so i created ICMP probe and i called that probe in the rserver configured for default gateway ip and configured the  ft track host to track the default gateway and ICMP probe . Then i removed the vlan 150 all worked fine .

1. Need to know about why the interface vlan didn't went down , when i remove the vlan 150 in the port channel .

2. In which case then interface vlan goes down ?

3. what i done to track the host is correct and if it's wrong what is the correct way to do it ?

Regards ., Gopinath Vedagiri

Cisco Employee


When configuring interface tracking, you configure it to track ACE VLAN interface, not an interface on the switch.  In your case, you configured the ACE to track its own VLAN interface, but shutdown one of the switches interfaces for testing.

As you know a VLAN goes down only when all the physical ports associated to that vlan go down.

The alternative is to consider host tracking methods which you did is correct. When configuring your ACE for Host tracking, you can configure the probes with the type and interval that best suites your environment.


Hi siva ,

Thanks for your response .

As you said int vlan will goes down only during all physical interface are down , but we are configuring the ft group and peer to track , i think this is enough for that , why we are going for interface vlan then ? .

Hi Gopinath,

FT track allows you to configure tracking and failure detection for critical interfaces, not sure why you refer ft peer as its only for peer ACE config.

refer the doc below for more details: