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Brian Cartledge

Satellite router

We have changed provider in one of our remote locations that utilise a satellite circuit. The new provider has installed a router that has built in TCP acceleration so it's broken the WAAS optimisation that was running okay previously.

Turning off acceleration on the sat router allows the WAAS to function, but the performance is very slow (5kb/sec on average over a 2mb link). Turning acceleration on the sat router and turning the WAAS off we see 200kb.

Has anyone come across this before? The providers router is an iDirect 5000 series sat router.


Bhavin Yadav
Cisco Employee

Hi Brian,

When you turn off WAAS, do you see WAAS optimizing traffic? idirect is known to strip off the WAAS TCP option. Please make sure the TCP Option scrubbing on iDirect modem is turned OFF for WAAS optimization to work.

Let us know how it goes or if you have already turned off the tcp option scrubbing.

Though I do not have any direct experience with idirect but above is something I tried with one of the customer and it worked like charm.



I have the some problem with iDirect Router,I use WAAS for optimisation but it not working I see the interception but with out optimisation.

my Client use Central HUB with 58 mini Hub and  I need WAAS optimisation solution to work.


please can you provide the step to turn off this option in iDirect router?my client Have all the permission on iDirect Hub.

please advice .

Our iDirect router was managed by the provider so I'm afraid I can't help you here. We just asked them to disable/enable it during our testing.

We found that the circuit performed better with the iDirect on and the WAAS off. It is almost as if circuit does not perform at 2mb unless the iDirect accelerator is on although the provider denies this. We are not happy about the situation.

Have a similar situation with iDirect routers...PM me and we can discuss....

Hi Bhavin

A having the exact problem. Have a customer with 40+ sites and currentlt running a WAAS POC on two sites. All sites have iDirect modems. We are at stalemate since the local iDirect partners insists there is nothing like TCP option scrubbing on the modems and even if there is they don't know how to go about it. Do you have some experience with these modems and could you point me an iDirect document or how exactly its supposed to be done?

Ward regards


Hi Solomon,

I am working with different products right now so I will not be able to help you here in details but as you are in POC, there is a special team that can help you. Please have your accunt team open a case wth PDI (Planning, Design and Implementaton) team. This team is a specialized PoC team that have bunch of experts to help you during PoC. One must thing is - you can not engage directly but you will have to have your account team contact them. Again, the team is - PDI helpdesk.

Hope this helps.



thanks Bhavin, will try that


Hi Brian

I've come across issues using WAAS optimisation over satellite connections before. This is generally due to the satellite providers own network acceleration/optimisation system messing with the network traffic and causing WAAS to not be able to function correctly. WAAS will work very effectively across a satellite link. I have WAAS across 7 satellite links very effectively.

As first step i would contact your sat provide and ask then to disable all network optimisation/acceleration for your sat circuit.

If you also have a private between you sat providers uplink station/teleport to your building/data centre check with Telco to ensure they are not doing any network optimisation across the WAN link between the teleport and your point of presence.

Also I have heard that some encryption used on some satellite links can cause issues with WAAS. If possible have your provider turn off encryption for your link temporarily and rerun the test to see if you get any difference in performance.


thanks for your input, we disabled TCP acceleration on the iDirect modems and now WAAS peering is working. However optimization levels are very low. Have seen compression levels of 3% to 16%. CIFS optimization also not working. Am running the tests for copying files across sites repeatedly and there is no improvement. Have upgraded to WAAS 4.5  and running on inline mode, have set BDP on WAAS for links with high delay and alsy changed TCP retransmit but no improvement. Have some pointers on anything additional that should be done on the Modems.