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Stickiness not working fine without clearing session manually


Dear Gurus,

We have a pair of CSS 11503 installed in our DC. Stickiness is configured for one of the application since long back and was working pretty fine till last couple of months. Since last two months, we observed that CSS is not distributing sessions the way it suppose to be. Mostly, it forwards the session to same server even though request is coming from different sources. Once we refresh the sessions manually, it starts working fine. We have to do this exercise manually every alternate day.

Getting maintenance window to power cycle the device is a challange in this environment. Can you suggest what is wrong here and any remedies for the same? Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Nayan Panchal

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


The purpose of having stickyness is to send the request to same server everytime from same src ip. Can ou tell me how you refresh the sessions manually? Does it change the src ip everytime when you refresh? Are the requests getting proxied to CSS or it just comes with client ip as src?

These are three reasons for an entry to be removed from the sticky table:

  1. By default, using a First In First Out (FIFO) method. Entries remain  in the table until the 32K or 128Kbuffer is full. At that time, any new  entries cause the CSS to remove an entry based on FIFO.

  2. The default behavior changes if the sticky-inact-timeout minutes command is issued. If this command is used, the CSS removes an idle  sticky entry according to the number of minutes configured in the  content rule. entries are set to  timeout, the CSS rejects the next sticky request.

  3. When a content rule is suspended and reactivated, the sticky table entries applied to that rule are removed.




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