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WAAS Network in GNS3, WCCP problems

Yevgeniy Gritsan

Hi all,

I'm trying to assemble WAAS test lab, using virtual workstation (VWS) and server (VSRVR) on seperate VirtualBox VMs.

This is test environment, that I decided to use before I realize that I have no physical routers right now - Test_PtP_WAAS.jpg

And this is my today's head-ache -


I have 2 physical Cisco WAVE-574 acting like Branch (WAAS_Br) and Data Center (WAAS_DC) appliances. I have Cisco WAE-674 as WAAS Central Manager (WAAS_CM).

In GNS3 I have 2 virtual routers Cisco 3640(R_Br and R_DC), with 3 interfaces each.

So, the trace from VWS to VSRVR is -

VWS - R_Br - Host_LB1 - Host_LB2 - R_DC - VSRVR.

On each router I connect to the seperate interface WAAS device, via external NIC on host.

As a result, when wccp is disabled on routers, traffic is flowing normally from VWS to VSRVR (keeping in mind some latency due to all this virtual stuff, appr.40ms). Also, WAAS_Br and WAAS_DC are successfully registered with WAAS_CM.

After enabling wccp services 61 and 62 on routers, traffic gets lost, only first packets of TCP-connections are reaching destination.

Any ideas?

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