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WAAS not working with VMWare VDI

I have a strange problem trying to get VMWare VDI working with WAAS. The central site has a 6500 using WCCP to a core WAE. The remote site is connected via VPN and has an in-line WAE. The firewalls are running Inspect WAAS and all traffic is being optimised without problems.

You can see standard RDP traffic and HTTP traffic being optimised and CIFS is flying.

The VDI systems are using small WYSE terminals which have a two stage logon process. The first stage uses a secure HTTP connection to the VDI Broker (on IP address (x.x.152.10) to authenticate, which is does OK and the connection is displayed on the remote WAE (sh stats conn). The VDI broker then launches a VM using IP address x.x.152.65, which is obviously on the same subnet. BUT, the remote terminal cannot access the x.x.152.65 device from that site. You can access the VM x.x.152.65 from any other location in the network. Indeed, nobody from that site can access that VM. Whether they use a PC to RDP or use the VMWare client on the WYSE terminal.

If you remove the WAAS from the equation it works fine.

What's the difference? The VDI broker is on a different ESX server but they are on the same IP subnet. There is an IDS/IPS system in the core of the network that monitors traffic but i cannot see why this would matter.

The Cat 6500 is running 12.2.SXF5.


Re: WAAS not working with VMWare VDI

Update - It does appear to be linked with the IDS/IPS system. we got the go ahead to temporarily disable the IPS and it started working immediately.

It does not explain why other hosts worked perfectly from the remote site and even on the same subnet. I will look into this in more detail this and update this post if I get anywhere.

If anyone has anything to add to this I would appreciate the feedback.

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