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Waas snmp setting and email alerts


I have configured snmp as above on the Central manager, and went into the device GUI and configures notifier ( for email alerting) but I am not getting any email alerts. The alarms are there if I check on Central manager and on the device via CLI.. But I get no emails. Is there anything extra I need to configure to get the alarms on my email. All I get is (INFO) emails like these ones, no SNMP traps.

Message #1: [2012-05-31 08:23:24,184][ INFO] - Field Manager.ManagementConfig.WebApplicationFilterEnabled changed to false.

Message #1: [2012-05-24 09:50:59,403][ INFO] - Field Manager.Notifier.MailServerHostname changed to 10.X.X.X

Message #2: [2012-05-24 09:50:59,411][ INFO] - Field Manager.Notifier.EmailAddress changed to

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Daniel Arrondo Ostiz
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Silindile,

The fact that you are already getting some emails indicates that the configuration is working fine.

For the SNMP alarms, please, be aware that you will only be getting emails for those alarms raised after the notification has been configured, not for those already present. This means that, in order to test the behavior, you will have to wait until a new alarm is created.



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply.

Since I set it up, I have not received any emails but there are new alarms almost daily on the central manager and I also get syslog messages about "The TFO accelerator is overloaded (connection limit)', but nothing on my email.  I think there might be something wrong with my snmp config;

here it is from the CLI:

WAE1# sh startup-config | in snmp
snmp-server contact Name Surname
snmp-server location Location
snmp-server enable traps config
snmp-server enable traps content-engine disk-read
snmp-server enable traps content-engine overload-bypass
snmp-server enable traps alarm raise-critical
snmp-server enable traps alarm raise-major
snmp-server enable traps alarm raise-minor
snmp-server enable traps entity
snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication
snmp-server enable traps event
snmp-server mib persist event
snmp-server host 10.x.x.x G1SXXXGT v3  priv
snmp-server host 10.x.x.x G1SXXXGT v3  priv
snmp-server user G5xxxxN G5C auth sha **** priv ****
snmp-server user  G1SXXXGT auth sha **** priv ****
snmp-server group G5C v3 priv read G5CREAD
snmp-server group XXXX v2c read xxxx
snmp-server group G1S v3 priv read G1SREAD
snmp-server view G5XXAD iso included
snmp-server view G1XXAD iso included
snmp-server community xxxx rw
snmp-server notify inform

Is there anything I am missing here?



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