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WAE 574 resilience query

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I am implementing WAAS on our network and am currently in the pilot phase, we are using WAE-7341 at our 3 data centre sites and 30 WAVE-574's at our branch sites.

As standard the WAVE-574's come with one hard drive, I am looking to buy an additional hard drive to go into each 574 so the disks are configured in a RAID 1 for resiliance.

My question is, if we were to keep with having just the one hard drive in each device and that hard drive went down, how would it effect the WAE and optimisation?

Would the WAE stay up? would it carry on accelerating traffic without local caching? if the device was rebooted would the device come back up? I'm trying to get an idea of what impact it would have if we didn't have a resiliance hard drive configuration.

Many thanks in advance for your help


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The 574 equipped with a single hard drive that failed would stay accessible on the network but would not be able to optimize or accelerate any traffic. The disk when replaced would also need the operating system re-installed. If the 574 were equipped with two disks in a RAID1 and were to lose a disk it would continue to function normally but without the redundancy. The failed disk would simply need to be replaced and redundancy would return once the RAID rebuilds anywhere from 2 to 5 hours.



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