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Please note that Remote Expert Mobile announced end-of-life and support will end on February 28, 2022.

DX80 Android Version Issues

I've been looking at the DX80 as a possible desktop replacement for typical users who need high end collaboration capabilities, but am having trouble with Android OS compatibility.

I've replaced my handset and conference phone in my office with the DX80. The collaboration experience with WebEx is fantastic.I'm not that crazy about the generally locked down home screen, but it does serve its purpose. The camera, mic, and speakers create a good immersive experience for collaboration. Overall, as a "phone" replacement it's good. However, I would love to have some additional capabilities, so that this could at least do what a standard tablet can.

First, the struggle of Cisco on Cisco items where mainstream apps cannot run, such as Spark, is hard to explain.This needs to be sorted out before the software or hardware is made GA.

Second, third party application compatibility is generally lacking. I've tried to install Office 365 Android components, but most crash on run, often failing at authentication. I cannot run Airwatch Agent, so certificate delivery, device tracking, and other items are left to figure out separately.

Any advice?

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Cisco Employee

Re: DX80 Android Version Issues

What do you mean by "generally locked down home screen"?  Do you mean the launcher?  I installed my favorite launcher on a DX650, and it worked great, so I assume it's possible on a DX80, too.  I can try that on the DX80 tomorrow and post my results. 

Also, with respect to Office 365, do you mean the apps (Word, Excel, etc.)?  I can try those, too, and let you know how they work for me.

Cisco Employee

Re: DX80 Android Version Issues

I tested Smart Launcher on the DX70 (it's basically a smaller DX80) and it worked fine.  What is the Device UI Profile set to for your DX? 


Re: DX80 Android Version Issues

Were you able to get Airwatch Agent working on the DX80?

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