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Error importing user from LDAP


I am developing a script to import users from LDAP into CUC and it is working in some scenarios and not working some times.

What I have noticed so far is that if the user has a phone number in LDAP, the import works fine and if the user does not have a phone number in LDAP the import fails with the following error: Value of table tbl_DtmfAccessId column DtmfAccessId is invalid

When querying CUC for the list of users available to import the user is there, and I can get all that I need to invoke the import API method, except for the DtmfAccessId, once the user is not in CUC yet. So, I am getting the information returned through the query and adding the DtmfAccessId to the payload. However, when it works, after import the user successfully, if I query the CUC to get the user information, on the DtmfAccessId field I will not have the number that I have provided, rather than I will have the phone number that was in LDAP, which some times is different. Sometimes new users/employees just have the front-desk number as their phone number in LDAP until a valid extension number is given to them.

That said, when the user has a phone number in LDAP (which might be just the front-desk number) I can get it imported and can get it updated afterwards to put in the correct DtmfAccessId. But when the user does not have any phone number in LDAP, I can't get it imported even passing the DtmfAccessId as part of the payload.

So I have two questions:

- Is it mandatory to have a phone number associated with the user in LDAP before importing it into CUC?

- Why do I need to provide a DtmfAccessId when calling the import method if it seems not be using that number and importing the user putting the existing phone number in LDAP as the DtmfAccessId in CUC, ignoring the number I pass?

I would appreciate any help on sorting this out.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Rodrigo,

I got a ticket opened (#1380) with the same issue from Matthew Failla.  I recall this is a defect we have fixed in 10.5. Can you give me the exact release of CUC so I can confirm? Thanks.



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