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Hi All,

     Is there any way to get the device name that the roster login. (iPhone, iPad, Desktop client, etc)

     I'm sure it would be implemented. I'v got success before. But I forgot the way...

     It would be under a private function that is used for create DOM in 'jabberwerx.js'.  I forgot...

     Or this situation is for CWIC, not for CAXL? Get the device name of the roster that registered to CUCM? (CSFxxx, TABxxx, etc)

     I forgot..

     Any suggestion would be helpful.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I am not sure if the functionality was ever supported by CWIC or CAXL, but I do know, currently, you would not be able to accomplish this using either of those.  If you are writing a custom Jabber application-client, you could potentially set the resource ID using XMPP with information from querying the device itself to reflect the device type (e.g. iPhone, iPad, desktop).  Or if you were using CWIC in your web app you could query the browser for that type of information.

That being said if using Jabber voice and registering to CUCM, CUCM has to be able to know the "device name"  But it is the specific "device name" (e.g. SEP123456789) that is registered to CUCM in the first place, not the actual device type.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thank You.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


did this answer your question?  Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank You

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If you are talking about a device such as "iPhone, iPad, Desktop client", then it depends on how that device is using Jabber. 

Assuming you are writing a Jabber client with CAXL/Jabberwerx SDK, you can make your custom Jabber web application identify the device your CAXL client is using with some Javascript code.  You come up with an identifier, and then use that as the resource when you instantiate the client.

For example:

[write some code to determine what device this is, iPhone, Android, whatever]

[use that to construct a unique string, like "Android013738"]

var resource = "Android013738";

var client = new jabberwerx.Client(resource);

Now when you talk to another Jabber user, the JID the other user sees (behind the scenes) will be 

If you want to identify the resource of some other Jabber user, you can do that in CAXL, too.

Here's the catch.  All of the above assumes both users in the chat are using your CAXL application.

If you are using an existing program like Cisco Jabber for Windows or an app like Jabber for Android, these programs won't incorporate a device identifier as part of the resource name.  They simply put together a unique string like Jabber_15107.  This doesn't tell you anything about the device running the Jabber program.  You can safely conclude it's a Cisco Jabber implementation, though.  The trailing number seems to get longer for some devices, but I don't know if that's a reliable pattern to use to determine which device the person is using. 

Also, Cisco Jabber for Windows, Android (and I'm assuming iPhone) do not let you set the resource of your logged in user. Other programs, do, however.  Jitsi and Pidgin let you set the resource name, for example.  If you use Jitsi as your jabber client, you could set the resource to something like "jitsi-windows" and other users could determine that you're running Windows.  There are also alternative Jabber clients for Android that let you set the resource to one of many selections, or your custom string.

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