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Cisco Employee

Jabber SDK IE page refresh cause IE crash issue

Hi team,

I need your help to answer a question I encountered. When I open Jabber SDK Voice & Video sample page, IE browser memory usage almost 60M+, continuously refresh the page 10 times, memory usage increased to 260M +, continue to refresh the page, the memory will continue to increase until IE crash.

The above scenario is true appears in a customer's production environment,  the customer softphone based on Jabber SDK development have page refresh & jump scenarios.

Jabber Voice & Video SDK version is 3.1.0,

Jabber SDK Browser Add-on version is 3.1.1,

IE version is 11.0.

Is this a bug ?   if it's not bug, do we have a solution to fixed the issue?  thanks a lot.

BTW, Jabber Voice & Video SDK and  Browser Add-on version 11.0 do not have this issue,  no matter refresh IE page many times , the memory will not increase. Unfortunately, the customer do not accept the SDK upgrade from 3.1.0 to 11.0

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Cisco Employee

Re: Jabber SDK IE page refresh cause IE crash issue

Jabber SDK/Plugin releases are incremental/serial, there are no separate 'trains' of releases where fixes can be back ported.  In this case the customer will need to contemplate upgrading to avoid the problem in the older release.

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