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Phone (Line) Status from CUCM or CUPS with a Web Request?


How would one query CUCM (or CUPS) for near real-time phone/line appearance status (On-Hook, Off-Hook) without using any client side software like Jabber or a JTAPI plug-in?

From what I can find SOAP requests against CUCM will not provide this info.  SOAP requests against a CUPS server does provide both the Basic and/or Rich Presence info but ONLY if you’re using a software client like Jabber.

Is there really no way to query this simple bit of info with a web request?

Thanks in advance!

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I've seen applications query the phone's onboard web server pages to glean this information, i.e. /StreamingStatisticsX - it is possible to see if any audio streams are in progress, which is a good clue.  This approach necessitates knowing the phone's IP address.

CUP typically is configured to have phone-based presence information from UCM, and you should be able to use CAXL or the server-side SOAP API to get this status.  Can you elaborate more on the mentioned restriction to software clients..?

I understand a REST-based next-gen call-control interface with capabilities similar to TAPI/JTAPI is being contemplated for a future release.

Thanks Dstaudt,

Polling the phones directly is a very interesting idea; we’ll have to investigate that option.

I’m able to pull accurate info from CUPS…


   [unavailable] =>

   [phone-status] => available

   [im-status] => unavailable


The problem I ran into is the [phone-status] response – it’s only updated in CUPS if the end-user is using some sort of software client.  In our environment Jabber will change the phone-status value but a physical phone by itself will not change the phone-status value.  I had opened a TAC case and the engineer confirmed that what I’m seeing is the expected behavior but it still seems a bit strange to me.

For users with just a phone, I would expect the top-level presence status to reflect the phone hook state - i.e. unavailable=off-hook, available=on-hook.

Sorry for using this thread for my question, but I've a similar one, so I hope that's ok

I'd like to get the status of specific lines aswell, but querying CUPS is unfortunately no solution for me. I'm developing a java application, so as far as I could find out, JTAPI could be a solution. Of course I was able to find the Dev Guide, but to be honest I'm not sure where to start and how? A little help would be very appreciated, thanks in advance!

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