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PhoneServices Play to headset

The play function appears to work great. However I can't work out a method to force the audio to be played down the headset rather than through the speaker phone. Is this possible with this protocol? I'm trying to notify the user of certain contact centre conditions while they are on a call. I was hoping there might be a "Play:chime.wax:Headset" function or something similar.

Anyone achieved this?

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Cisco Employee

Re: PhoneServices Play to headset

Unfortunately there is no such capability...the audio will be played on the active audio path at the time.


Re: PhoneServices Play to headset

I have picked up the headset, pressed the headset button and performed the function and the playback is still via the speak phone. I've also tried it while on an active call on the headset, and again only plays on the speaker phone. I'm assuming when you say "active audio path" you mean that it should play through the headset if that channel is active, i.e. on a call? if this is the case then should I not be getting at least something playing down the headset under the above scenarios?

Cisco Employee

Re: PhoneServices Play to headset

That's definitely different from the behaviour I would this seen only on a specific model of phone?  On which phone models is this happening?

Can you confirm that the latest phone firmware is installed?


Re: PhoneServices Play to headset

OK, Model number CP-7965G. I've just updated the firmware available as you suggested  (SIP45.9-2SR1-1s*) and the Boot Load ID = tnp65.8-3-1-21a.bin.

with the handset, headset or speakphone the tone always plays down the speaker, whether on a call, off a call or at dialtone.

Request  =  ContentType:application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Body: XML="<CiscoIPPhoneExecute><ExecuteItem Priority='0' URL='Play:chime.raw'/></CiscoIPPhoneExecute>"

Response =

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


<ResponseItem URL="Play:chime.raw" Data="Success" Status="0" />


Any thoughts?

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