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(PLEAESE HELP) CEC Display Power On/Off JavaScript Macro

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I am an AV Systems Engineer with a finance company in Newport Beach California. We have a small conference room design that includes a WebEx Roomkit Plus, a Touch-Navigator, and a Samsung 75" LED display. As configured, when the endpoint goes into standby the Samsung display is powered off via the HDMI connector (output 1 on codec) with CEC. And, when the system comes out of standby, the display is powered on in the same way. THIS IS WORKING NOW.


What I need to do is send the SAME display power on and power off CEC commands (manually first for testing) and once I can power the displays on/off manually via the developer API successfully... I'll write a JS macro and tie it to a UI extension so we can have "display power on" and "display power off" buttons on the touch-navigator.


I've been experimenting with the following command; "xCommand Video CEC Output KeyClick" with little success. There has got to be a way to do this, I am most likely just missing something. I've tried posting to Cisco support but they didn't understand the problem well enough to be of any help so I figured I would give here a try.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!




Brian Lopez (PIMCO)

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Alexander Stevenson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello @Brian.Lopez,


I'm not a Room Kit expert but I've found some resources which may assist:



  • Cisco Webex Room Kit - main page includes all configuration guides, downloads and data sheets plus getting-started guides, administrator guides and api reference guides.




(Once these sandboxes are replaced, just go to the  DevNet Sandbox catalog and search for 'Room Kit')