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Softkey dial on other than primary line?

I've got a custom directory that loads from a php file, and I can select and dial from the directory just fine.  The problem is this is written for a large hospital's different clinical units, where every caregiver has a 7925g and needs to be able to whisper intercom everyone else on a particular unit.  And no, auto-answer or third party solutions don't work they way then need - I've already been down that route.  Opening the intercom line and launching the application doesn't work either (can't launch the application with the line open).

Since I can't set the intercom to line position 1 on each device, I need to be able to have the dial softkey open the intercom on line position 2.

1) Is it even possible to treat an intercom like a line in this way?

2) How would you set your softkey parameters to use line 2, regardless of whether it's an intercom, or a secondary line?

Here's my XML getting passed to the device:



     <URL>Key:Line2</URL>            (doesn't do a darn thing to change the outcome)





Ry Miller

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Re: Softkey dial on other than primary line?

RE the SoftKeyItem XML, only one URL is allowed, so two as shown is going to give undefined results.  Further, I'm not aware of any way for an XSI app to execute a Dial request on any line other than the first.

Can you perhaps describe in more detail the use-cases and preferred user experience (perhaps even an ideal UI?)  We may be able to suggest additional approaches.


Re: Softkey dial on other than primary line?

That's what I figured, but thought I'd go to the gurus.

We're transitioning off of Verizon push-to-talk mobile phones for 7925s for all the clinicians.  They each currently have a 2-digit code to P2T other mobile phones within a given nursing unit, as well as a dedicated button that pulls up a list of phones they can scroll through, select, and initiate a P2T session (one-to-one).

I originally looked into using our VoIP paging system (SA-Announce) to handle this, but their P2T solutions are one-to-many.  They need a one-to-one just like a traditional whisper intercom feature.  I then looked into creating #XX translation patterns to convert their 2-digit codes into the 5-digit extensions we use across all campuses, leveraging auto-answer with speakerphone, but that won't work because they do not want to have any return audio from the called device.  That pretty much just left me with the intercom - which is a perfect functional fit, but the users have to manually enter the #XX code for the remote device.  They are adamant about having a menu they can scroll through and dial from.

That then led me to a php script that would pull in contacts (#XX intercom extensions) either defined in the script, or referenced from an external file.  The only problem?  The XML app only dials the selected contact using the primary line on the device.  I can not make an intercom line the primary, nor can I force the app to use line2/intercom.

The source script is found here:

I added this function to the php to (hopefully) allow me to redefine the DIAL softkey to use the INTERCOM instead:

function addIntercomSoftkey()


    global $output;

    $output .= "\t<SoftKeyItem>\n";

    $output .= "\t\t<Name>Intercom</Name>\n";

    $output .= "\t\t<URL>Key:Line2</URL>\n";

    $output .= "\t\t<URL>SoftKey:Dial</URL>\n";

    $output .= "\t\t<Position>1</Position>\n";

    $output .= "\t</SoftKeyItem>\n";



Any alternate suggestions are welcomed, as I'll have 300+ grumpy nurses, unhappy about having to remember a new batch of phone numbers, to contend with...



Re: Softkey dial on other than primary line?

And if it was not clear, the app is defined per device in UCM and called from the application button on the 7925g, which triggers the php script on the remote server and generates the XML.  (I'm new to all this application content, so forgive me if I'm stating the obvious).

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