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TMS BA API to change MCU Dial URI String

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We would like to know if the TMS BA API can help us to delivery this feature to the customer...

We would like to retrive the booked meetings in TMS Database and change the MCU SIP Dial Out URI..that is the URI saved on the Button to Join the conference.

Is this possible? Can we read the meeting object..then change the uri and save it back to TMS, so that TMS can send back to the Codecs?


Vitor Mata

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Level 4

We solved this problem by bypassing the TMS completely.

The TMS scheduling is not multi tenant. So we created our own scheduling software. For OBTP we send the booking information directly to the endpoints. Do note that this is not documented and also not supported by Cisco.

We did ask Cisco about the feature you described as we rather use the TMS for these kind of things.

Hi Raymond,

Thanks for your answer,

We actually are considering that also...but do you user api of the codec? How do you receive the information from Exchange?



Hello Vitor,

We have build an application that uses the Microsoft EWS  (Exchange WebService) and use that information to send data to the endpoints.

If you want to know how to send data to the endpoint just sniff on the line between the TMS and endpoint when the TMS pushes the OBTP data to the endpoint.

And again this is not supported or documented.

Yes Thanks for your help!

Hi Raymond,

We already sniff the wire...but the info is not very you send a fomated xml document?

Just give me a clue here please,



I can help you out, but I won't post it here.

Your username seems like an email address. I tried sending an email, but it got bounced.

Provide a valid email and we will continue there.


Many Thanks!!



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