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Please note that Remote Expert Mobile announced end-of-life and support will end on February 28, 2022.

Webex Connect Administration Tool - Directory Integration

Trying to use the Directory Integration settings for Automating user provisioning with Jabber IM Cloud

The feature has been activated (New menu Directory Settings), and 5mn cron jobs to access a public SFTP server, but not login from Cisco is logged.

Online documentation states that "The SFTP server is hosted by Cisco, which provides access to customers for uploading and downloading CSV files in a secure manner."

>> Does that mean a public SFTP server cannot be used?

>> Anyone yet experienced this feature?

Thanks for any feedback / support

Cisco Employee

Re: Webex Connect Administration Tool - Directory Integration


   Globalscape, Cygwin, Open SSH and Titan and supported by Cisco. There are other stfp servers like Coreftp, freeftpd etc which work, but if you run into any issues with DRS and you contact TAC, if there is a slight hint of a problem with sftp server then you will be asked to use one of the supported sftp servers as BU will work only on the tested / supported sftp servers.

Please refer this url - Recommended SFTP Server for CUCM 9.1 | Unified Communications Applications | Cisco Support Community | 5971 | 11806441

Thanks and Regards,


Re: Webex Connect Administration Tool - Directory Integration

Hi Geevarghese,

The Webex IM system generates email alert saying the SFTP process is not working. But the firewall logs do not report any access, although I tried using different port. (Of course SFTP access from another client works fine)

So, I suppose the cron job is working - otherwise no email laert would be generated, but at the same time no incoming SFTP access attempts observed.

Still looking for people having experimented Directory Integration feature on Jabber IM Cloud


Re: Webex Connect Administration Tool - Directory Integration

You have no idea how bad i want to find this person who know what to do with an SSO and Directory enabled Jabber domain.  We are stuck in a huge mess with Webex support right now as no one knows who can provide me with the "CISCO PROVIDED SFTP SERVER"?

they are lost.  If we cant figure this out we will be forced to migrate back to Microsoft Skype 2015. 

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