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Bandwidth Just Doesn't Add Up

Hi Guys,


We're building an internal network monitoring tool and we've been asked to include bandwidth metrics for inbound and outbound. According to the Cisco document on how to do this ( we've done everything right when it comes to the calculation and we've switched to using the 64-bit OIDs rather than the 32-bit ones (as it's a Gigabit device) but while the inbound one looks reasonable (bounces around at about 1 to 2 Mbps/sec) the outbound values look totally wrong (as in 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 Mbps/sec).


We're happily talking to the AXA 5506 over SNMP, getting values back etc. but I don't know whether the problem is something to do with the calculation or something to do with the way that the network is setup (this box sits inside a third-party data centre - i.e. could it be that it's picking up traffic from the entire data centre?)


The OIDs we're querying are (for the interface speed), (for the Outbound octet count) and (for the Inbound octet count) and all are returning values (*big* values in the case of the Outbound count).


Any ideas?

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