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Cisco Unified IP Phone Web Integration onEvent


I really need your help about the integration capabilities of Cisco Unified IP Phones.
In fact, I already checked the sdk, but my I m not a Cisco Professional so my understanding is not perfect.

I'm a developer, and I try to extend my cisco phone. My need :
I would like to be able to handle incoming calls, each time my phone is ringing, I would like to call a specific URL with the incoming phone number as parameter, and to display this web page directly on my computer screen.

Is it possible ? And how can I do it ?

Thank you in advance for your help

Geevarghese Cheria
Cisco Employee

Hi Rooten,

Hope you are trying to call back the incomming number using a TAPI application from PC.

Another option i think which could help is Web Dialer and IP Phone Services

IPPS describes the XML documents that you deliver to the phone (via HTTP) to present forms to the user and to control the phone.

Your application would then be similar to any other web-based application - The form would post data to an aspx page on your web server, code on the web server would perform the lookup and return the data to the phone. The only difference is instead of returning HTML you need to return the Cisco phone-specific XML. There are XML elements that you can return to the phone that will cause it to dial a number.

Thanks and Regards,


Hi Geevarghese

Thank you for this clear answer.

I allready checked for the IPPS sdk, and you're right it seem that it's possible to call a web page (HTTP request).

But as you said, if my understand is good, this call will return a response displayed directely on the phone screen (with XML phone format) ? That's meen that the user will see the response on the phone screen ?

What I need is to display the web page on the user computer screen, on event (ringing for example).

I use Jabber, and I see that an SDK is also available and there is a way to handle an incomming phone on event directly with Jabber (Javascript maybe).

Do you know this point ?

I also know something with TAPI/JTAPI thats sound familiar to you ?

Thanks again


Hi Al,

have you already got it it working? I'm really stuck at implementing a similar function...

Regards, Tom

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