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4K / 2K scaling of webex meeting client - CSCuz29619



Is cisco working on fixing this bug? The only work around it shows is to lower the resolution. Is there no other workaround for users with 4k laptops to properly see webex meeting options. Currently everything on webex meeting window appears very tiny. All other applications work fine.

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Palani Mohan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear Sapan

CSCuz29619 is classified as an "Enhancement Request". Prioritizing is usually driven by factors like how much of an impact it is. So far, (including you), only two customers are asking about this capability. Kindly don't mis-understand me but, there is no one representing the cause for this to get included.

This is not a problem with Mac/Retina display. Speaking with few folks, I got feedback to take a look at
Does this help?

Sincerely ... Palani

At my company they are providing 4K laptops as one of the standard laptop builds, so this is becoming commonplace. Everyone who has a 4K laptop is complaining about how Webex looks in 4k, and it shows up to every other employee/partner when we have a meeting, so it looks really bad for Webex. I'd think this would be something that Webex is significantly underestimating in terms of how big an issue this is.

Affects everyone at my company with a relatively new 4k laptop. At least hundreds of people if not thousands.

Add another voice asking for a fix for this. The link above is not helpful -- the problem is not that we don't have display scaling turned or, or don't understand how it works, the problem is that the Webex Client doesn't implement it properly. No other application that I use has this issue -- most implement it fully and draw at the correct size in full high-resolution, and a few simply scale up so they're properly sized but pixellated, but most of the webex interface simply ignores the display scaling value completely and draws at 1:1. The only other place I have this issue, ironically, is some areas of Windows itself.

Created an account just to reply to this:

4k is the new standard. This is only going to get worse. Even if you scale all your java apps, the support gui doesn't change size. This makes it nearly impossible to use the functionality of the webex. Yeah, sure, we can change the resolution, but why is this the only option on our glorious new screens? 

Btw- nice to see some other Dell Tech guys in here. Hello all. :D

I created a Cisco account just to report on this defect as well. Anyone who works in the tech industry knows this is something that should be supported and is an easy fix. Please fix this Cisco.

Quote: "Created an account just to reply to this:"

Me, too!

4k monitors are the standard in engineering and science applicaitons!


That site does not help. We should not have to turn down our display just for using WebEx. The java applet seems to be the only problem with this. If the concern is not enough feedback, I can work on getting all of our workforce to sign up for accounts just to complain about this- Is that where this needs to go?

It really should not be a problem to build in display scaling or at least the ability to the java applet. Dell EMC is currently going through a refresh to phase out all existing hardware and replace it with new machines, all of which are running with 4k monitors. There is definitely a clock associated with this issue, and it's only going to get worse and worse. 

Please help!


I noticed a couple weeks ago that the interface for Meeting Center is now appropriately scaled, so I'm crossing my fingers that the other products (we also use Event Center and Training Center) won't be too far behind.

Yeah, that would be nice. So far not so good. 

Any way to change this from an enhancement request to a bug fix?



I actually have a somewhat more niche issue.  I have a 43" monitor with 4k resolution that I use to simulate 4 monitors.  When I try to share my screen it ends up tiny for everyone I'm sharing with.  Sharing only a single application does not help as it just masks out the rest of my desktop instead of scaling up the one application.  Furthermore, attempting to zoom (using View > Full Screen on the attendees) on the one application just sizes up a low resolution capture of my application so the contents are very pixelated and blurry.


Please allow a portion of the screen to be shared without down rezzing it.


This is definitely a defect in the Cisco WebEx software. I have a 4k display for my work computer and this defect makes using Cisco WebEx software very difficult. Why wouldn't Cisco prioritize this knowing that 4K displays are now becoming the standard and that 8K displays are already in production?

Enhancement Request is just a fancy way of saying "we are not going to fix this anytime soon." 

Trevor H

Like everyone else here: I find webex very hard to use now.

Had to create an account just to up-vote this.

You cannot see the attendee list for a meeting without a microscope.


As others have said: all business laptops are 4k screens.

Our company has over 50K employees, and they are getting these systems very rapidly, 1000s per year.

A co worker spent a day with our tech support attemting to fix this bug locally, but:

It is clearly a signifcant defect in Webex. Please fix ASAP.

The only workaround found is to hack our screens down to low res, when using webex.

I'll just deal with the micro fonts for now, but this shoud get fixed in a couple of weeks. Why keep an enormous bug like this open for so long!


Please fix webex.

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