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6504 e running iso 15.1 unit was hijack useing snmp

i have the above system some one used your mib files to gain access to unit create a account downgrade the firmware of the sup eng wich is VS-F6K-PFC3C Serial NumberSAL1202CP8S   for some reson i can no longer use the system it refuses to see gateway  now under user agreement bugs define cisco will offer a up date but they refuse to do this,   

i know all the information is right as far as routes as it auto addes routes to system,  i can not ping labtop on same subnet, but  can ping a cisco wifi controler, but i cant ping eather firewall that on same subnet, wich dose not make sence, as firewall been set to bypass all secuty on device, should work but once in wile will pull up one webpage the stop,

i ask cisco provide help in regadeing to secureing the unit but they refuse work with me even throw each unit i have end user agrement and i have all them regster to me,  so  i lost as where the probem is, i also found running debug all command can distory the boot sector of card, now i have done block testing there fine, so it a software probem,   first probem is how can i get the swich to forward tafic from vlan1 to ports 2 to 48  internet in hook in port one, wich tired to vlan 1 but dose not work any one offer to help becuase i cant figger out where probem lies nor dose debug program find any probems  

now access list is compeat 80 .443. 137. 53 tcp utp  8080 444, used for firewall and number of other ports icbm  software name is s72033-advipservicesk9-mz.151-2.SY.bin c6500-fpd-pkg.122-33.SXI11.pkg  

other cards ws-x6545-ge-tx    any one can help,    please over look spelling i have add , swich was working until some one used snmp to make a account throw a mib file, used that account to change firmware as i cant get any software this in my home i suck   i do...

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