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Bruce Kirkland
Level 1
Level 1

I'm curious as I've not used the bugsearch utility in some time. I was looking for issues in nx-os 6.2 for MDS 9000. I went for a status of Open and Support cases "has support case" left other filters blank.  I found only 15 issues that to me were all somewhat obscure. 

Does the bugsearch work well for this or am I being mislead? 

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Palani Mohan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Bruce Is this the site you used? If not, which  one did you use?

Not entirely sure if I am understanding you. So, asking few questions, to get a better understanding.

Kind regards ... Palani

yes, that is the site. 

Ok, I see what you mean.

Sw defects may be platform independent OR dependent. When your search specifies the MDS9000 (hardware), the results tend to show the platform dependent bugs alone. Removing MDS9000 and keeping severity 5 or higher gave me little over 20 hits.

Few thoughts:

Please consider looking into "Open Caveats" of the Release Notes. Here, I have observed what are deemed as Severity 1 and Severity 2 bugs get listed. There is a similar section for "Resolved Caveats"

While doing bug search like you did, use the severity filter and choose 5 and higher. Severity 6 bugs are actually enhancement requests and so, usually not service impacting.

Please rate the usefulness of the bug notes critically. Folks usually pay attention and go about to improve its usefulness.

I hope this helps ... Palani

PS I am at loss to explain why the search did not reveal any Sev1 or Sev2 bugs in the search results.

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