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CSCvq18981 - Several 8865 Phones Unusual Behaviour


Dear All,

I migrated several 7962 phones to 8865 in February running v12-5-1SR3. At the time I remember a range of problems:

* Phone WebPage would respond very slowly or not at all

* Occasional lock-ups when doing simple things like EM login

* Sometimes a reset from CallManager wouldn't work

* CDP from the phone sometimes didn't show up on the switch port

I checked the cabling and we just about scraped by until people returned to the office and complained that some lines didn't receive incoming calls.

I've taken a fresh look at the problem and can see a lot of CDP errors in the phone log relating to an old CUVA installation which is installed still on the connected PC.


0739 NOT Jun 18 14:00:02.528386 (483:507) CDP-cdpRcvPkt(): deviceId is CVTA
0740 ERR Jun 18 14:00:03.387528 (483:521) CDP-dpCacheCleanThrd(): msgsnd() failed : Resource temporarily unavailable 
0741 NOT Jun 18 14:00:03.528678 (483:507) CDP-cdpRcvPkt(): deviceId is CVTA
0742 NOT Jun 18 14:00:03.528837 (483:507) CDP-[0004-0] 30-ff-0c-00-xx-xx vid=0xfff=4095 static=0 pri=0
0743 NOT Jun 18 14:00:03.528872 (483:507) CDP-port=1
0744 NOT Jun 18 14:00:03.528891 (483:507) CDP-cprCdpGetPort address: 30:FF: C: 0:44:39  Phyport=1 appPort=1  
0745 NOT Jun 18 14:00:03.528990 (483:507) CDP-[0004-0] 30-ff-0c-00-xx-xx vid=0xfff=4095 static=0 pri=0
0746 NOT Jun 18 14:00:03.529013 (483:507) CDP-port=1
0747 NOT Jun 18 14:00:03.529030 (483:507) CDP-cprCdpGetPort address: 30:FF: C: 0:44:39  Phyport=1 appPort=1  
0748 NOT Jun 18 14:00:04.528867 (483:507) CDP-cdpRcvPkt(): deviceId is CVTA
0749 NOT Jun 18 14:00:06.529345 (483:507) CDP-cdpRcvPkt(): deviceId is CVTA

TAC have looked at these logs, but didn't see anything unusual. I found this bug though:


> Cisco phone crash intermittently because of receiving CDP packet which contains TLV type 0x1f



Could anyone advise what is TLV type 0x1f and whether the old CUVA cdp driver might send one?




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According to the Wireshark dissector 0x1f is "Spare Pair PoE" so it seems unlikely that CUVA's cdp messages would include this. However the phones are performing strangely when CUVA is started, so there is definitely an issue here.
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