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Matthew Miktus

CSCvq50611 - Webex Teams UC calling does not support Application dial rules like Cisco Jabber does

has there been any progress on this?

between the move from Jabber to Teams and the newly released MSFTTeams integration, AppDialRules are now an issue as MSFTTeams doesn't sync IPPHONE but uses TelephoneNumber which we have set for the full 10-digit number.




Hi Matthew,
I have open a TAC - Partially, fix by creating a new CSS, Partition and Route Pattern and added that new CSS to the CSF device profile - I can now dial out from Webex Teams but, outbound calls fails in Desktop Control mode as the call is rejected by the desk phone which doesn't recognise this route pattern.

How are you coping with this issue - Do you have a workaround in place ?


4-digit extension dialing works.  


It was click-to-call where the full 10-digit number is pulled from a contact card where ours failed.  I found when pulled from AD >> WebexCalling in MS Teams pulled the full "work number" and not the IPPHone.  To work around this, I created called-party transformation patterns to catch our numbers with & without the prefix (we use an 8 to dial out) so


1) 81201XXX.XXXX - strip pre-dot 

2) 1201XXX.XXXX - strip pre-dot


applied this to the partition we use for transforming CALLED numbers (xform-sip-cld-pt).  This caught the number on the way in from the application and converted it to a 4-digit extension that would then match existing DN's in the database.


I created one for every combination of Area-Code/Number combinations. since we only have 4 ranges, it requires 8 patterns, but it's quick and fairly painless..



I'm only using webex Teams & Jabber - Internal calls (5 digit numbers) has always work for me - It's only outbound 10 Digit calling numbers that were failing when NO prefix was applied. 

  • Worked with TAC again on this today - Made a few test calls today with 10-digit numbers - So, dialing out from Desktop/Mac Teams is working.
  • The Application Dial rules under CUCM > Call Routing > Dial Rules > Application Dial Rules is now working for Teams Desktop/Mac. 
  • So, I just had to add a rule to prepend a "91" while dialing 10-digit numbers and that worked with my existing route pattern/CSS for Desktop/Mac Teams. 

 ++ But, the same APP Dial Rules still doesn't work for IOS/Android cell phones - Workaround: Create a different route pattern, partition and CSS which strip pre-dot. Then, assigned that new CSS to the TCT/BOT device.