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CSCvs42313 - jabber on windows crashing during RDP screen sharing intermittently

WIth WFH becoming more prevalent, does more users using RDP in this environment change the importance of this bug being addressed? Companies may rely on Cisco Jabber on Windows and RDP a bit more.

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as we have the exact same problem and a good method to reproduce it whenever we want, i decided to contact the support. The only answer is that it is a microsoft problem. Do you have a solution or does your problem still exists.

I've gotten the 12.8 software today, and the Cisco Jabber crashed intermittently on a call into a CMS bridge with the other participant sharing a document.  No fix, no responses, no nothing.
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I've noticed my own Jabber crashing when trying to share my screen twice without restarting Jabber in-between the screen shares.

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Not sure what your experience but we have found the only way to avoid is if the person sharing screen is doing so with the window running RDP in full screen if the RDP window is resized it causes the crash
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