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CSCwi36658 - UCCX: Multiple SELinux Errors

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Level 1

Hello everyone,


Has anyone else hit this bug on UCCX 12.5(1) SU3 ? I have an active TAC case open but I only see 5 support cases open against the bug. It doesn't appear to be impacting anything other than causing the Application Syslogs to get rotated every ~5 hours. 

We also went from SU2 to SU3 ES05 which is the latest/greatest and are still experiencing the issue and TAC is currently stating that it is planned to be fixed in version 15.0 releasing later this year.

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Stuart Swift
Level 1
Level 1

We were told by TAC that we are hitting this issue, but for us we are also seeing major periodic CPU spikes that are causing distortion in IVR greetings. We weren't told that this was going to be fixed in version 15.0, we were told that we are at the mercy of BU with no estimated time of fix.