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SG550:CPU 100% when source and destination subnets are the same

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Level 1

I'm being affected by this issue. CPU is pegged. Support is saying to make a new /30 subnet or vlan to pass the traffic to the firewall. We want to make the least amount of changes possible. 

We have 1 route on our core right now. to (firewall)   

Can this be solved with a routing something like: to to  ? 



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 you need to explain your environment better.  which role does the SG550 represent? Is it your core?

Why do you need a route where the source and the destination are the same?

If you need to send a traffic toward the firewall using a route, you need to do this

ip route "source traffic " "firewall´s IP"

Let´s say your network is then do this

ip route (not sure which mask  you use)

This way all traffic comming from will be sending to the Firewall.

Hi Flavio, 

Sorry yes, SG550 is our Core.

And the bug says that we need to eliminate our current route that is making the source and destination the same subnet. 

So because of the bug we are being told we need a "dummy" vlan or subnet to bounce the traffic off of before it goes to firewall.