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How do you remove Cisco Jabber Internet Explorer dependency

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Level 1

We are piloting a project to implement Cisco Jabber in our environment. A small team has been tasked to implement and test Cisco Jabber. I a network admin have been tasked to make sure Jabber can communicate properly through the firewall and any other connectivity issues.

I installed Cisco Jabber I opened up the firewall and started monitoring traffic. I typed my username in Jabber and selected sign in and the sign in process started and Jabber stalled out with a white screen and will not sign in fully. On the firewall I noticed blocks happening due to Cisco Jabber trying to use Internet Explorer Application. I assume Jabber uses IE application for account authentication. I immediately know why. We block any one using the Internet Explorer Application. We do this because IE is end of life and a vulnerability.

Does anyone know how to modify Jabber to not use Internet Explorer Application for account Authentication? Any news on Cisco fixing this as IE has been end of like for awhile? We can’t be the only organization blocking IE. We really don’t want to make an exception just for Cisco Jabber.

Any help would be appreciated!

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