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Insufficient Entitlement

I have encountered an `Insufficient Entitlement` error and cannot try the `File Analysis` feature.Could you please provide information or clear instructions on how to obtain the missing permissions.

nerds by Beginner
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Unused Policy detector not accurate on ASA

Hi All,I tried this for the first time today, and it listed hundreds of objects as "unused", yet they existed in an object-group that was used in an access-list.  Has anyone else seen this?  This is a major oversight if it's just checking objects & o...

hendero75 by Beginner
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Resolved! License

Hi,Do Cisco CLI Analyzer need any kind of license? If yes, what features do need a license and what features do not.

moudar123 by Participant
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Cisco CLI Analyzer Software on Linux

First of all, I think Cisco CLI Analyzer is "the best" driver for accessing and managing your Cisco footprint for direct access, whether its ASAs, UCS, IOS-IOS-XE, NX-OS (Nexus and ACI) or Wireless fabric. Hav been using it for years now for differen...

Resolved! CLI-Analyser needs ciphers added to fix this symptom?

Error shown in logs of ISR4321-K9, Version 16.06.04, when trying to use CLI-Analyser to SSH into it ...Mar 9 20:32:45.675: %SSH-3-NO_MATCH: No matching kex algorithm found: client curve25519-sha256,,ecdh-sha2-nistp256,ecdh...

CLI Analyzer issues connecting to internet

Since migrating from connecting thru a proxy to going directly thru the firewall with the firewall doing decrypt the CLI Analyzer no longer connects to the internet.  Do I need to do something to allow this to work?

tbuschur by Beginner
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