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Several features not working with 3.2.1


I just discovered this program and decided to try it out. I installed the 64-bit windows version.

Here are my obervations I did not manage to get to work. Hopefully it is just a layer 8 problem.

  • Jump host not working

When I try to connect to a device the jump host does not build up a connection. Are there any settings on the jump host, that must be set before it is working?

These are the commands, which are defined per default in the jump host configuration

expect "jumpserver #"
send "ssh $username@$hostname -p $port\r"
expect "Password:"
send "$password\r"

  • Console Selection Behaviour is not working

I tried double-clicking in the console but nothing happens. According to the feature guide the expected action should be to open it in the specified application. This is my understanding

  • Refresh Device information

For the device connection I manually use a jump host and then connect to the device. The CLI Analyzer then identifies the device correctly and adds a device entry with the jump host's IP address and the device's details like model, version and serial number. When I reconnect to a different device hit the Refresh Device Information button it checks the device, but the information is not reflected in the devices tap. It only does when I completely close the session and reconnect again. Mind you that I use a jump host to connect here, so that might have to do with it.

Also when the program has identified the session as IOS and I try to connect to an AireOS WLAN controller I am unable to hit the refresh button. However starting the session with a WLC device I can connect to an IOS device and refresh the information without a problem.

Any help on this would be appreciated


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